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Modafinil / Provigill®: Order Modanil 230mg (v2.3) is a potent stimulant-like medication with almost no addictive properties, zero recorded deaths and a very safe pharmacological profile – primarily used to combat excessive sleepiness associated with conditions like narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. It also enhances cognitive performance, improving focus, alertness, and mental acuity, thereby proving beneficial for overall productivity and brain health.

ModAF believes in innovation at its fullest, thus we do things differently and always will. We don’t charge excessive costs. ModAF has an extensive global fulfillment system, unlike any other vendor, shipping from Malaysia, Singapore, United States and India. We will price match any online vendor, just send us a support ticket or Live Chat with us and let us know so we can update our prices!

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Exclusive and powerful
Artvigil 150mg by
HAB Pharma

Unleash the titan of performance enhancement with Artvigil, an exceptional variant within the Armodafinil class (Nuvigil®). Artvigil is not merely a supplement, it’s a powerful catalyst that propels your cognitive abilities into the stratosphere.

This wakefulness-promoting marvel sharpens cognition, supercharges mental function, and is a staunch advocate for brain health, among other extraordinary benefits. Some even argue that Artvigil outmuscles Modafinil, boasting a strength that’s twice as potent. This is all thanks to its status as the newest ‘afinil variant, crafted with the latest advancements in mind.

  • Increases mental alertness and focus
  • Superior motivation and productivity
  • Two times as strong as Modafinil


Crowd favorite Vilafinil 200mg by Centurion Laboratories

Introducing Vilafinil, the superstar of Centurion Labs, beloved by a diverse array of professionals, from students to lawyers, and even pilots. Vilafinil isn’t just a medication, it’s a secret weapon for those who seek to excel in their fields. As expected, it boasts all the exceptional effects of Modafinil, but it’s the universal appeal that sets it apart.

Crafted with meticulous precision to the loftiest standards, Vilafinil , It’s not just our favorite, Experience the Vilafinil advantage today!

  • Supercharges your stamina
  • Sharpens your focus, and amplifies your alertness.
  • Favorite among our customers as well, proudly holding it’s title for over 4 years.

($64.99) $59

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