About Us

ModAF comprises of a small, yet strong and innovative team of professionals, with a longstanding passion for Modafinil, Armodafinil and all things Nootropics.

Our primary aim is to provide like minded individuals with top quality products at affordable prices. We created ModAF because we saw a common trend with most online vendors…

ModAF believes in innovation at its fullest, thus we do things differently and always will.

Other vendors are unnecessarily overcharging the products they sell. This is not only due to greed but also because of their core business plan. Most online vendors source products from middlemen in India who also provide shipping services. Although this system is convenient for vendors it forces them to pass on the extra costs to you and can become a severe bottleneck in large scale operations, with communication difficulties most commonly arising.

Being based in India and having the ability to source directly from manufacturers and their representatives and shipping companies at the doorstep means we can streamline the process and keep overhead costs down significantly, unlike any other vendor. We eliminate the middleman in our operation. In turn, this means we can pass the savings directly onto you, yet always be a sustainable and scalable business.

From our own experiences, we believe that Modafinil and other Nootropics can be terrific tools that have almost unlimited potential, in both professional and personal life. The team here at ModAF use the products we sell and are committed to providing the world with the opportunity to incorporate these tools into their lives at unbeatable and affordable prices. We are strongly against the monopoly of these products by massive, profit-driven corporations.

The team here at ModAF love hearing from people like yourself, so don’t hesitate to share what’s on your mind. In fact, we love reading stories from users who have questions on their mind.

Lastly, but most importantly; ModAF has one strong vision. We will go beyond the typical e-commerce store to foster and create a community of people who can explore and share their stories about our life changing tools.

Interested to know about our Delivery Information & Reship Policy? You can find that here.